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StatPoint Statgraphics Centurion

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Stagraphics Centurion program from StatPoint, Inc.is one of the most popular packages used to support statistical data analysis. It allows you to affordably perform verification of research concepts in a very wide range of applications. Hence, it is successfully used both by scientific circles (in biomedical sciences, agricultural experimentation, anthropology, demography, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, economic sciences or engineering calculations) and the widely understood sphere of production and service activities (quality control support, process efficiency analysis, opinion polls, financial issues, marketing research).

The signed agreement allows StatPoint Stagraphics Centurion software to be installed and used both on any number of desktop and laptop computers owned by the Jagiellonian University and on the private computers of current Jagiellonian University employees, doctoral candidates and students until May 11, 2024. The Software may only be used for educational purposes related to the Jagiellonian University. The software may not be used by former employees or students of the university or used for work associated with other organizations.

Activation of the license will be possible only for those who have an email address in the domain @uj.edu.pl, @student.uj.edu.pl or @doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Software available on the Jagiellonian University portal - after logging in! Log in