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ChemOffice+Cloud Software

Jagiellonian University employees, postdocs and students have been given the opportunity to use Revvity Signals Software's (former PerkinElmer) ChemOffice+Cloud software until July 1, 2024. The program is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.

About the program...

ChemOffice (formerly known as ChemDraw) is a program for creating and editing structures of chemical compounds in 2D, 3D, chemical pathways and prediction of chemical properties (spectra NMR, pKA, LogP, LogS) and generating the name of a chemical compound (structure > name, structure > IUPAC, name > structure). ChemOffice allows direct searching of the SciFinder database based on the drawn structures. Available features also include a tool for drawing electrophoretic plates with description, peptides, DNA, RNA, amino acids, and templates for drawing biological membranes, enzymes, receptors, ribosomes, immunoglobins, mitochondria, etc. It is treated as an all-purpose tool to help with research and scientific publications.

PDF file with a full list of software features.

Official YouTube channel with tutorials on how to use the software.


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How to get software...

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