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Jagiellonian University has purchased a one-year license to use the STATISTICA family of programs under a Site License:

I would like to remind you that the Jagiellonian University license (for all employees and students of the University) includes the following analytical modules:

STATISTICA Data Miner also includes:

Under the license, we obtained the right to install this software and use it free of charge during the contract period on all computers of UJ organizational units and on home computers of UJ employees and students. Both 32- and 64-bit versions of the package are available. Statistica 14 is available only in 64-bit version.

To access the installation files and installation keys, log in using your full email address in the @uj.edu.pl, @doctoral.uj.edu.pl or @student.uj.edu.pl domains as your username, and the password to your email account in one of the above domains as your password. 

Note: according to the terms of the current contract, it is not possible to install STATISTICA software version older than STATISTICA 13.

Software available on the Jagiellonian University portal - after logging in! Log in