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Important information!

Thanks to Office 365, anyone using UJ's central email has the opportunity to use OFFICE 365 Online.

In order to use Office 365, you must log in at


What is OFFICE 365?

Office 365 - Is a collection of applications available from Microsoft servers.

With Office 365, you can stay in touch with colleagues and students.

The product includes the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPint, OneNote and Outlook). All Office 365 products provided online are automatically updated, so a user using the product is always using the latest version.

The basics about Office 365 services can be found on this page.

Advantages of OFFICE 365:

  • Mobility and accessibility - you can run it anywhere and anytime. Documents and files shared with your employees can be viewed from a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

  • Security and safety: Office is secure, files and documents are protected by anti-spam and anti-malware software. Office 365 uses a reliable system that protects 100% against known viruses.

  • Sharing sites, files and documents - documents created in Word, Excel, Word can be shared with others very quickly.

Additional services:

1. Skype for Business - is a service that supports communication, offers the ability to send instant messages, allows you to determine your availability status, make voice calls and video conferences. Innovative features allow you to adapt Skype for Business to your own working methods: at university, at home and on the go.

More about the Skype service at -->

2. OneDrive - the service allows you to share documents with people inside and outside your organization, while maintaining full control over who can see or edit those documents. Each OneDrive user gets 5TB of storage space.

Read more about the OneDrive service at -->

3. SharePoint - each user, both employee and student, has the ability to create sites where documents, presentations and other materials can be posted for a specific group of people. Each OneDrive user receives 1TB of storage space.

More about the above service at -->

Advantages of using the above services:

  • Easy sharing of documents and information within the organization,
  • Restricting access to certain resources to only those who are interested (academic team, dean's groups, etc.),
  • Secure storage of documents that we carry with us,
  • Empowering communication and easier knowledge acquisition,
  • With the version control feature, everyone can make sure they are working on the latest version of the document,
  • Reducing the time spent on communication by allowing interested people to access the questions they have asked.