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The Jagiellonian University has signed an agreement allowing employees, students and doctoral students of the Jagiellonian University to use the software included in Predictive Solutions' PS IMAGO PRO Academic package free of charge until June 30, 2024.

Currently, licenses for PS Imago Pro 9 are available (this license is valid until June 30, 2024).

PS Imago Pro 8 is no longer available (the license expired on July 31, 2023).



PS IMAGO PRO is an analytical and reporting system whose analytical engine is IBM SPSS Statistics. This solution is an extended version of IBM SPSS Statistics, it offers new analytical procedures and operations on data, as well as modern forms of visualization. With PS IMAGO PRO researcher, you can independently create visually attractive reports, based on IBM SPSS Statistics result objects, and make them available to authorized recipients via a web browser. The solution is perfect for both building a cyclic reporting system and ad-hoc reports.

PS IMAGO PRO is a comprehensive solution consisting of the following components:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics - an analytical engine that allows you to perform a wide range of statistical analysis;
    PS IMAGO Pack/PS IMAGO Pack PRO - is a set of procedures integrated with IBM SPSS Statistics. It includes unique data operation procedures, analytical techniques and new forms of visualization of analysis results. Among other things, it offers the ability to identify key variables for analysis, remove duplicate variables, or calculate global values. Among the new forms of visualization are a tabular box plot, a contingency map, and dashboard charts, etc.
    PS IMAGO Designer - an application for designing and preparing professional analytical reports ready for web distribution. It allows you to build your own templates and freely arrange objects and comments on the pages. IBM SPSS Statistics result objects (tables, charts) are used to create reports.
  • PS IMAGO Portal - an environment for publishing and presenting analytical reports created in the PS IMAGO Designer application. Reports are published in the portal's database repository and from there, in the form of HTML pages, they are made available to authorized individuals via a web browser. When published, the reports go into a tree structure of folders, organizing the contents of the PS IMAGO Portal repository
    PS IMAGO Process - an application for automatic creation, updating and distribution of analytical reports. Based on a set of parameters containing information about data files, commands executed by the analytical engine (IBM SPSS Statistics), the solution can periodically generate reports. In turn, the generated reports can be published on the web pages of the analytical portal or only updated in a selected location.

For more information on the PS IMAGO PRO, visit www.psimagopro.pl.

The purchased license allows the above products to be installed and used on computers owned by units of the University and on private computers of employees and students of the Jagiellonian University, provided it is used exclusively for the purposes or needs of the Jagiellonian University.
The above software may not be installed on computers with a server operating system installed.

Each person using the software included in the PS IMAGO PRO Academic package is required to familiarize himself/herself with the license terms and conditions and confirm his/her commitment to abide by them by marking his/her agreement to the license terms on the software download form.


How to obtain licenses for PS IMAGO PRO software...

Installation keys and images of PS Imago Pro installation discs are available, after logging in, on the website of the Department of Information Technology Services of the Jagiellonian University for all employees, doctoral students and students of the Jagiellonian University.

In order to access the installation files and installation keys, you must log in with your full email address in the @uj.edu.pl, @doctoral.uj.edu.pl or @student.uj.edu.pl domains as your username, and the password to your email account in one of the above domains as your password.

Before downloading, select the software version you need, and then fill out a short form and agree to the license terms. It is not required to provide the UJ IT Services Department with any paper documents.


ARIADNA is a program of cooperation between academic units and Predictive Solutions (formerly SPSS Poland) to promote the use of data collection, analysis and modeling techniques in teaching and research projects.
According to the Regulations of the ARIADNA program, which the University has signed, scientific publications with the results of analyses that were performed using PS IMAGO PRO should include the following information: the data was developed using the PS IMAGO PRO solution, whose analytical engine is IBM SPSS Statistics.


Analysis workshops.
Accreditation and certification system for classes.
Analytical Challenges Conference.
Books on statistics and data analysis.


Important information

PS Imago 9 software is not and will not be available in a Linux version.


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