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LEX - Legal Information System

Jagiellonian University has signed an agreement that allows Jagiellonian University employees, doctoral students and faculty to use the LEX Legal Information System.

The software was purchased as part of the Strategic Excellence Initiative Program at Jagiellonian University.


Technical requirements

Minimum requirements of the Legal Information System:

  • PC computer, mouse, standard keyboard, internet connection
  • screen resolution: minimum: 1024×768, recommended for comfortable work: 1280×1024
  • web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (without IE9 and IE10), Firefox, Chrome in the latest versions and two back;
  • browser configuration: Javascript enabled, cookies enabled.

How to access ...

Access to the LEX Legal Information System is possible after logging in on the Wolters Kluwer website.

When you click on the above link, a login page like the following image should open up.

Wolters Kluwer login page


In the field "Sign in" enter the full e-mail address in the domain, or


After entering your email address, the Jagiellonian University login page should automatically open (as shown below).

UJ login page

In this window, enter your full email address and password (the same as for the email account you provided).


After successfully logging in, the Legal Information System website will open in your browser.

widok strony LEX