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SAS Institute Software

About the software

SAS software is available at the Jagiellonian University . The purchased license allows SAS software to be installed and used on an unlimited number of computers in the above-mentioned units, as well as to be installed and used on the private computers of lecturers, researchers and students of the Jagiellonian University.

SAS software available under the contract signed by the Jagiellonian University may be used only for educational and research purposes.

The SAS software license has been extended until Semptember 30, 2024.

The license for the JMP software is valid until April 9, 2024.

The following software is available under the signed agreement:

SAS Educational Analytical Kit 9.4, which includes:

    • Base SAS,
    • SAS/ACCESS (except Data Surveyors for ERP systems, according to availability for the platform),
    • SAS/AF,
    • SAS/EIS,
    • SAS/ETS,
    • SAS/FSP,
    • SAS Bridge for ESRI,
    • SAS/GRAPH,
    • SAS/IML,
    • SAS lntegration Technologies,
    • SAS/LAB,
    • SAS/OR,
    • SAS/QC,
    • SAS/SHARE,
    • SAS/STAT.)
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence software:
    • SAS Data Management Advanced,
    • SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server,
    • SAS Data Quality Advanced),
  • software for advanced analysis:
    • SAS Credit Scoring for Enterprise Miner,
    • SAS Credit Scoring for Enterprise Miner for Desktop,
    • SAS Enterprise Miner,
    • SAS Enterprise Miner for Desktop,
    • SAS Forecast Server,
    • SAS Forecasting for Desktop,
    • SAS Text Miner,
    • SAS Text Miner for Desktop,
    • SAS Enterprise Content Categorization,
    • SAS Sentiment Analysis,
    • SAS Concept Creation for SAS Text Miner,
    • SAS Ontology Management,
    • SAS Content Categorization Information Workbench,
    • SAS Document Duplication Detection Server,
    • SAS Search and Indexing Server,
    • SAS Crawler,
    • SAS IPTC Rules,
    • SAS MeSH Rules,
    • SAS Text Summarization,
    • SAS/GIS,
  • genomics software:
    • SAS/Genetics,
    • JMP Genomics,
    • JMP

An important feature of the SAS license purchased is the ability to use the latest versions of the licensed software throughout its validity period, as well as technical support.

    In addition, every employee and student can take advantage of free courses available online:

  • SAS Programming 1 (Data Processing 1) - Introduction,
    SAS Programming 2 (Data Processing 2) - Data Processing,
    Advanced Data Processing in SAS,
    Querying, Reporting and Data Analysis with SAS Enterprise Guide.


For detailed information on SAS software availability, terms of use and ordering procedure, please contact:

  • for UJ units (except Collegium Medicum): Iwona Gajda, UJ Computer Services Department, Collegium Novum (24 Gołębia St.), room 10A, tel. 12 663-12-19
  • for the units of the UJ Collegium Medicum: Dariusz Drohomirecki, CM Computer Center, 12 św. Anny Street, tel. 12 422-04-11 w. 338.