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ESET Software

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Jagiellonian University offers ESET antivirus software to its employees, for business computers and home computers (except for business-related computers). If you are interested in downloading antivirus programs, please read the description and select the software version.


The purchased ESET software package provides protection until 19.07.2024:

  • workstations running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X,
  • mobile devices working on Android,
  • email servers running on Linux/Lotus Domino/Kerio and Microsoft Exchange platforms,
  • Internet gateways running on Linux and Kerio systems.

Detailed information on the capabilities of each program can be found on the producer's website.

All ESET programs purchased by Jagiellonian University are available for download below.

Software available on the Jagiellonian University portal - after logging in! Log in